An image of a fiew engine and some of its crew

Although West Midlands Fire Service is trained to deal with a wide range of emergency fire situations, there is a lot that you can do to help them and yourself.

Reduce fire hazards in your home. Also, fit and maintain smoke alarms – at least one on every floor.

During a fire

  • If there is a fire, get out, stay out and call 999
  • If moving through or trapped in smoke, stay close to the floor where the air is cleaner
  • Never use a lift
  • If a door feels hot, do not open it, as it probably means there is a fire on the other side
  • Most fire deaths and injuries occur while people are sleeping. Plan an escape route should a fire break out at night
  • Never re-enter your home after a fire until West Midlands Fire Service has made it safe
  • If you’re unlucky enough to have a fire at home, the main thing to remember is, don’t tackle the fire yourself, however small it is.
  • Get out, stay out and call 999.
  • For more information or to arrange a home safety check, call West Midlands Fire Service on 0121 380 6067 or visit