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Photos of the seven West Midlands areas

The West Midlands is a safe place to live and work.  However, there are a number of hazards and risks that could impact our region. The West Midlands Resilience Forum wants to make sure that if a large-scale emergency does affect us, we are ready to respond to work together to minimise any impact.

This website has been designed to inform you about the work of the West Midlands Resilience Forum, which is a partnership of the organisations that respond to emergencies. This site also provides you with information which will enable you to prepare yourself, your family, your community or your business to cope with an emergency.

More information is also available by viewing our Community Risk Register (PDF) or by visiting the government's website on how to prepare for emergencies, be more informed about hazards, and get involved in activities to support yourself and your community before, during and after an emergency.